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Car Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management

Fleet Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management Digisign ERP App app is fantastic solution for vehicle repair industry. In Digisign ERP this app provide complete solution for Automotive service workshop management. This Digisign ERP app is useful for Garage Management,car service center, Vehicle Service Management System, auto repair shop for spareparts and Body Shop service for cars or any fleets. This Digisign ERP app includes All stages of car services starting from Repair Request ticket, Diagnosis, workshop job order assignment of technician or mechanics and supervisor for inspection checks which include Service types and sparepart required , even inventory of part are managed along with Accounting invoice which inlcude billing and payment process in Digisign ERP.

This DigisignERP module provides different access control as Service manager, Technician , Head Technician and Director. After installing this DigisignERP apps service manager can able to create repair order request from customer with different fleet vehicle, this apps integrated with default DigisignERP fleet management app. Repair order creates with serial number along with guarantee type. Once Repair order added head technician will create Diagnosis of repair order and assign it to specific technician. Technician will do the diagnosis and enter result of diagnosis process, they will enter service spent time as well as require consumed materials-parts on diagnosis result based on this result service manager will create Sales Quotation for the repair order and send to the customer.Once Quotation confirmed, workorder for repair order is automatically created and technical can start work on it. Sales process is completely integrated with the repair order , so whenver any process is change repair order stage will change accordingly i.e Quotation Sent, Quotation Approved,Workorder, Invoice etc. It also provides different pdf reports repair order report, Repair label, Diagnosis and workorder report.

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Module Main Features

Create car repair order.

You can create car repair order with car related information.

Print Report.

You can print car repair,dignosis, workorder reports.

Add car service details.

You can add car service details like (Car guarantee,Guarantee type).

Create Car Diagnosis.

You can create car diagnosis based on car repair order.

Create car diagnosis.

You can create diagnosis based on car repair order

Assign to Technician.

You can assign car diagnosis to technician.

Manage car workorder.

You can manage car repair work order (start,pending,resume,cancel).

Fully Automated workflow.

Repair order, Diagnosis and workorder are fully automated with workflow process, So when anything get effected on any document should be reflected on repair process